Savannah, ga. march 2020

ROAD TRIP! We decided to get a dog sitter, pack up the car and drive north. We were aching for a vacation and we had things to celebrate. Christopher got a job promotion and I finished my masters degree. We were ready to take some time off work and scratch Georgia off our list. This is right at the start of all the COVID-19 within the U.S. so we were less precautious and were still in the thought process that this would not be a huge deal in the U.S. One of my favorite parts of a trip is planning the trip. I love searching through the Airbnb app to find a great spot, creating a list of things we want to do and making a complete itinerary so we are never left wondering what to do or trying to find things last minute. I was also excited to go on a road trip for the first time in a while!

About two weeks before heading to Georgia I got a text in my family group text,

Sister: “Were coming to Georgia with you. Me, mom, dad, Lewis and the girls. We want to meet Chris.”
Jade: “Wait, you are ALL coming to Georgia?”
Mom: “Yes.”
Dad: “Yes.”
Sister: “We already booked the hotel, send me your plans.”
Jade: “Okay…”

I was a little worried, but knowing my family I was not surprised. My family is very close and could not handle me traveling all over with someone they did not know beyond FaceTime. I reluctantly told Christopher and thankfully he was excited to meet my WHOLE family! On March 6 we said goodbye to the pack and started our five hour drive to Savannah! This was our first road trip together and during this road trip I learned a lot about traveling as a diabetic.

While Christopher was driving I became responsible for any finger pricks, blood sugar monitoring as well as bolus’. I listened for his pump vibrating and since we were driving on the highway I would read to him what it was saying and he would walk me through what to do. This pump has become such second nature to him, without looking he can tell me exactly what buttons to push. “Up arrow twice, left arrow once, down three and good.” Along this trip I also started to learn more about Tommy (insulin pump) and how to use it to help Christopher if needed.

Christopher decided to take the first half of the drive and I drove the second half until we arrived at our super hip hotel, Thunderbird Inn. They say they are the ‘Hippest Hotel in Savannah’ and I loved the retro vibe. The hotel is also eco-friendly, have popcorn and lemonade in the lobby at all times, serve Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast and leave RC Cola and MOON PIES in your mini fridge. The retro vibe was something that no other hotel had and it was walking distance to downtown Savannah and everything I wanted to do.

After checking in we set off to our first adventure, a wine tasting. The Georgia Tasting Room was a little wine bar in the middle of downtown Georgia, walking distance from our hotel. For $3 we got to try six wines, yes THREE dollars. We tasted local wines and loved looking at all the decor they had in the tasting room. With our receipt we were able to buy a bottle of wine for $3 off, essentially making the wine tasting free.

Time was getting close to when my family would be meeting us in downtown Savannah and Christopher would be meeting my parents, sister, brother in law and nieces. I was started to get nervous and Christopher seemed unfazed! We headed to an outdoor bar next and waited for my family to arrive. While we were waiting we had a few shots of tequila and Christopher began to worry, he wanted to make sure my parents knew he was on vacation and he may be a little buzzed. I assured him my parents were going to be in the same mode as him and were not going to mind and would most likely sit at the bar with us!

Before we would actually meet my family I made reservations at the historic Olde Pink House in downtown Savannah. The building was built in 1771 and feels like a step back in time. I was excited for the southern food and museum like restaurant. We split a huge fried chicken and dessert and soaked in the last part of our vacation we would have alone.

Finally, my family arrived and it was time to meet them! We met at a cookie shop and everyone was very happy to finally meet and my sister and Christopher immediately bonded over her crazy sneakers. We walked around downtown for a few hours and once the sun went down my sister and her family decided to head back to their hotel. My parents and us stayed out until early in the morning talking, dancing and getting to know each other. It was a great first meeting and made me excited for the rest of the trip!

Next morning we went to Forsyth park to see live performers and walk around a market. My family has never been around anyone with type 1 diabetes so Christopher provided a crash course on all his gadgets and how it works. They were intrigued by it and were happy that he took good care of himself and strives to be healthy

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