Breakfast 101

Starting the day right is key in our household to make sure blood sugar is properly controlled. Avoiding the roller coaster of high and low blood sugar starts first thing in the morning. This is my time to SHINE! Christopher wakes up before me and handles the pack of dogs and when I stroll down stairs about an hour later, its time for breakfast. I make roughly the same thing everyday with slight variations and the occasional Pinterest experiment to shake things up.

Our typical breakfast contains the following ingredients:
⇢Organic eggs
⇢Sweet Potato
⇢Black Coffee

I am by no means a chef. I regularly burn meals, I never remember to turn off the stovetop and if I don’t have a recipe I most likely can’t make it. Lucky for me, Christopher always comes behind to make sure I have all ten fingers, the stove and oven are off and he will eat just about anything I make and somehow manages to do it with a smile.

Working with Christopher on a healthy diet has not only helped him control his Diabetes but has made me feel a whole lot better as well. Who would of thought eating well and avoiding high sugar foods is something not only Diabetics should do…

Sweet potatoes are a fairly new food that I’ve begun to cook with and I have learned they are a great option for diabetics. The American Diabetes Association (ADA), lists sweet potatoes as a superfood. This is because they provide many nutrients, are high in fiber and also have a lower glycemic index compared to other tubers. Glycemic index (GI) is important because it shows how foods affect your blood sugar. The higher the GI the more rapid the food will increase blood sugar levels. A boiled sweet potato is going to have the lowest glycemic level of about 46 (compared to baked or fried). A level of 55 or less is considered low and a will gradually raise blood sugar opposed to fast spikes.

Once all the veggies are chopped (including the spinach) I toss them in a pan with avocado oil, salt, and pepper.

Now comes the part where I can consider myself a bonafide pro-fesh-inal— eggs. Once the veggies are softened I move them to a plate, wipe out the pan and cook my scrambled eggs. I may not be a great cook but I have been blessed with a talent for eggs. I can make them any way and never (okay, almost never) burn them. I simply scramble the eggs in a bowl with a splash of milk and black pepper. Pour the eggs into a pan and let them cook while mixing every few minutes.

Once the eggs are done, its time to eat! This meal contains about 2 grams of sugar and 6.1 grams of carbs per serving. It also keeps us feeling full and energized throughout the morning.

What is your idea of a ‘breakfast 101’? Comment below! ⤵️

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