Austin, Texas. January 2020

Keep Austin Weird.

About a week into our relationship (seriously) we planned a trip and two weeks later we were on a plane headed to Austin, Texas.

It was a trip full of exciting things for our relationship:

  • Christopher’s 30th birthday
  • Our first trip together
  • First time to Texas
  • Longest time we ever spent together

Being the planner I am I made a list/itinerary of where I wanted to go, what I wanted to see and most importantly where I wanted to eat. We got to Texas very early on Thursday morning and were very excited when we received a hotel upgrade for Christophers birthday. We stood at Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt, which was the most beautiful hotel. It had great rooms, restaurant on the roof which we frequented, free margaritas and wine for happy hour and it was walking distance from the heart of Austin and just about everything on my list of adventures I had planned.
➡ Ice Skating on roof of Whole Foods
➡ Live Music
➡ BBQ, tacos and brunch
➡ Fancy dinner
➡ Dancing
➡ Sight seeing

We were having an amazing vacation checking things off our list, until the night before we were leaving. I somehow convinced Christopher to take ME to a nice dinner for HIS birthday. He made reservations weeks before and would not even tell me where we were going. Tommy(Insulin Pump) had other plans though… We wake up from a nap and he realizes his insulin pump site has dislodged from his body. We thought no biggie, just put in a new one, but as luck would have it he did not pack for this occasion. He only packed one spare set and had already used it the day before. Once again this NEVER happens, he says.
💡A pattern is starting💡
No port means no way to deliver insulin. EMERGENCY!

Keep in mind, we are only three weeks into our young and fresh relationship and my knowledge into diabetes is very limited. Christopher is now panicking, so I inevitably start panicking right with him. ‘Diabetes brain’ is a thing in our house, and it was in full swing in this moment. At this point, with no idea on how to get any insulin or syringes in Texas, he is attempting to use the dislodged port in any way he could think of but kept coming up unsuccessful.

1 hour until our dinner reservation…

Sadly, we had to cancel dinner. I learned quickly how not having the medicine a diabetic needs is extremely stressful. He did not want to eat anything that would even potentially raise his blood sugar. With no luck using his pump, we turn to plan B; start calling every pharmacy we can to try and get insulin and syringes. If you have not called your local pharmacies at 11PM and asked for syringes while trying to explain you’re a diabetic, give it a try. Pharmacists think you are lying and crazy to think they would just sell you syringes or give you insulin without a prescription.

We ended up ordering room service, sat in the hotel bed just thankful his blood sugar was somewhat stable and reflected on all the great things we got to do while on our first trip together.

2 hours past our dinner reservation…

Suddenly, Christopher pops up and had an epiphany. All along he was worried about not having insulin and well, he had insulin…in the mini-fridge…the whole time… So, now that we have insulin, ALL we need are syringes and we can have a peaceful plane ride back home.
Plan C: Call an Uber, go to every pharmacy that is open late, bring the insulin, tell the story and hopefully get a syringe.

We hitch a ride to a 24 hour pharmacy and explain to the pharmacist every detail, show her all his diabetic gear (sensor, port, pump, insulin) and go as far as tell her he will inject himself in front of her so she believes him. She thankfully believed him, did not want to see him inject himself, and sold us syringes.
We were able to get all we needed and flew back home safely.

So what lesson did we learn? Always pack MORE than you think you need. I have made sure of this on every trip after. You never know what is going to happen. Also, stay calm and fight through the diabetes brain to find a solution. Now that I know more, I can also help to find solutions and provide ideas in case he gets diabetes brain.

P.S.- Austin was amazing and I still got my fancy dinner the night we got home to Tampa 😉

*BONUS*: It was Christophers 30th birthday and he hates number balloons so naturally I asked the hotel to sneakily decorate our room, he was shocked.

What is your date night gone wrong story? Comment below ⤵️

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